Friday, April 27, 2007

What the hell is happening in Estonia..?

This has just landed in my in box...

Government Crises Committee convened early this morning.

Overnight riots and looting in Tallinn: 99 shops looted, around 40 people injured

All Estonian media is constantly reporting about the looting and riot that took place in the capital of Estonia Tallinn starting from last night, around 9.30 PM.

Predominantly Russian-speaking crowd of up to 1500 people gathered at the site, which had been fenced earlier in the morning to start excavations and identify the potential grave of World War II Red Army soldiers for reburial to a more appropriate place. .

Around 9.30 PM, authorities were forced to use riot police to disperse the crowd that had started to attack and throw rocks and bottles at the police. Retreating crowd looted and set fire to a newspaper stall, burned Estonian flags, crushed 2 police cars and other parked cars, broke the windows and looted dozens of shops, vandalising altogether at least 99 objects. According to the latest news, 1 person lost his life and 44 people incl. 12 policemen were injured, over 300 people were arrested. In the light of the events, Governmental Crisis Committee ordered immediate removal of the Bronze Soldier monument from the site and the police have already executed this command.


Sergey said...

Report from Tallinn, Estonia. Photos tells the truth:

Elaib said...

Thanks Sergey,
Not a lot of fun

JolietJake said...

It's the Russians who were sent to live there during the Soviet era.

They're a bit touchy since they became a minority group