Monday, April 09, 2007

Green shoots of hope in Scotland

It appears as if hope is not dead in the Socialist Republic of North Britain.

Joan Burnie
Q YOU featured a letter about pocket money. Me and my sister don't get any pocket money unless we work very hard for it.

I am 11 and she is nine. We have to weed my grandpa's garden, wash the car and do the dishes. Also if we are don't keep our room tidy we get fined.

My dad heard me using a very bad word and he took 50p off me.

So some people are very lucky but I also like helping. I also have £25 saved up and I am going to Florida this year.

A I HOPE you have a good holiday. It certainly sounds as if you deserve one.

But as you say, you don't really mind helping your parents and I'm sure they appreciate everything you do.

You're working as a team which is good. So enjoy your trip and spend the £25 wisely

I would say that it really doesn't matter if the children mind or do not mind. These parents seem to eminently sensible. The children are valuing the money they recieve, and thus are being taught an inmportant lesson. I would guess that the parents set some rules as to how the money can be spent, but I expect that given that they work for it the children themnselves have a very good idea on how they wish to spend it.
That being said, I do hope that the child doesn't think theat £25 quid will get him to Florida, I know that cut price flights are getting even better, but that will be pushing it even for EasyJet.

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