Monday, April 09, 2007

Don't piss off (edit) the Government, or things will get out

It appears that the fellow who lifted the lid on the whole cash for peerages scandal has been shot down in public flames. The Sunday Mail, a staunch labour supporting Scottish tabloid has nailed him good and proper.
Angus MacNeil, the SNP chappy from the Western Isles, it appears was fooling around with a couple of good time girls out on the lash in Glasgow as his wife was preparing to pop.
Disreputable indeed, if not the greatest sin in the world. However I wonder how long the SM has had this story. The girls claim not to have a political bone in their body, though if they are at the RSAMD as I suspect they are then that would surprise me. A former girlfriend of mine studied there and the students were definitely politically aware. They may have tipped off the paper for the cash and the paper then waited for a perfect moment to nail the SNP's favourite son.
The run up to the Scottish elections anyone, with the SNP poised to overtake Labour as the biggest party at Holyrood... perfect.

Iain Dale has been following this story closely, and it looks as if my feelings were justified. The signs are that this is part of a concentrated and probably illegal smear campaign. A sort of crofting Rose Addis.


manyverse said...

His mistake does not make his claims any less valid. you cannot sell peerages. By the way, in that context its spelt piss off not piss of

Anonymous said...

"By the way, in that context its spelt piss off not piss of"

In that context, it's spelt "it's", not "its".

Elaib said...

Thank you for pointing out my "piss" poor grammar. I am not sure why but I never check the titles, ho hum, back to school.

Anon again said...

They are a fit pair, lucky man. 17 & 18 that's grown women. Yes a bit naughty but hardly as sordid as starting a war on a lie?

Elaib said...
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Elaib said...

As a married man I can hardly comment. From my own personal knowledge there are some that would say that it is an equal breach of trust (all those catergorical imperatives - dashed continental idealistic philosophy has a lot to answer for).
I am not of their number however.