Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This makes things a little more interesting in Berlin

The 50th Anniversary hoedown in Berlin being organised by the European Union has just become a little more fun. Vaclav Klaus has decided that he is going to represent the Czech Republiv, rather than Dave's chum Mr Topolanek. This was decided yesterday at a meeting between the two and Count Schwarzenberg (Karl Johannes Nepomuk Josef Norbert Friedrich Antonius Wratislaw Mena von Schwarzenberg) the green and decidedly pro EU Foriegn Minister, according to the Hospodarske Noviny today.

Mr Klaus is unlikely to append his signature to any solemn declaration that is pushing the constitution, or any imaginable replacement.

For the firs time I am rather looking forward to being there

Update - Czech Trust in EU plummets
An opinion poll in the Czech republic that came out yesterday from the Public Opinion Research Centre of the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, "Half of Czechs trust in European Union, but two fifths (40 %) have an opposite opinion". This relates to the last poll in September where 58% trusted the EU.

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