Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moral Harrasment

What is it?

I am not at al sure but I am in recipt of an internal EP survey that asks some fundamental questions about our working practices here.
"Sensitivity to the various causes of stress varies from one worker to another because naturally we are each affected by it to a greater or lesser extent.

Which means exactly what?

But hold on here is a check list about that which I could be suffering from,
uncertainty relating to one’s work contract;
relational problems at work;
moral harassment at work;
being away from one’s family;
rebuilding a social network;
linguistic problems in daily life, and in educational and medical settings;
children adapting poorly;
requirement to succeed;

I would have thought that the prospect of a well-paid, index-linked, barely-taxed, welfare-cushioned job would be a pretty good way to get over it, but apparently not.

And I am still perplexed by what the devil, "moral harrassment at work" is. Maybe it is naughty looks when I light up a fag in the smoking/non-smoking room? Working for the Euro-sceps who are - of course - politically immoral, I guess that is just an occupational hazard, but maybe I can claim for it?

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