Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How to negotiate with Iran

Thank you, The Spine

Of course this is how we discover that he veil does have its uses, after all it has made the Foreign Secretary instantly 50% more attractive.


David B said...

Many thanks, Eliab, for liking it. ;o)

Aunty Marianne said...

Initial reaction - yes, indeed funny.

Secondary reaction....short of deliberately appointing General Sir Mike Jackson, who's a lot less scary since he's had his bags tucked, this comment would never have been made about a male Foreign Secretary. Boo. Hiss.

And yet: third reaction... if we were appointing a female foreign secretary uniquely for her physical assets we could have done better (worse?) than Margie. Anne Widdecombe, for one, a lady well equipped with built-in weapons of mass distraction. She'd have had Sharon begging for mercy within minutes.

Elaib said...

My dear you attribute me with greater depth than I possess.

Tippler said...

yes she does, doesn't she? Ever generous, our Aunty.

Elaib said...


Why do we need a Foriegn Secretary to scare the Isreali's at this point. They haven't illegfally kidnapped our servicemen. In case you haven't noticed it is the people who have promised to wipe Isreal off the map who have them.
I fear your Foreign Policy prejudice is showing my dear.