Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now they want to use therapy!

The Parliament has an internal e-news bulletin that goes by the name of Newshound.
This week the top story is the inability of the Parliament to maintain its smoking ban.

Debating the issue are two members of the parliament's governing body, Jim Nicholson (UUP) and Gérard Onesta (Verts).

Onesta was the only one to vote against dropping the ban, Jim proposed the drop.

My favourite lines in what is a daft debate are these,
Onesta : "what steps have we taken since then to help smokers give up (as foreseen in the original decision)?"

Nicholson : "We are going to offer help for colleagues who want to give up smoking. This could be therapy or other means, which the EP will pay for".

This I have to see, the first therapist who comes up to Farage and tells him that because of some childhood trauma he feels the need to smoke...

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