Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lib Dumb

In a couple of minutes I shall forgo the pleasure of attending an ALDE conference on the Future of Europe.

I know that Andrew Duff, the leader of the Lib Dem MEPs has a colossal stutter and one shouldn't mock the afflicted, but surely the ALDE team should have better copywriters than this.

"The Institutional implications of a more open integration"

You could have,

"The Institutional implications of more open integration"


"The Institutional implications of more integration"

But what we are left with asks too many questions of a small mind like my own. These guys spend half their time wittering on about how the 'people' should be integrated into the great European debate. I am an EU anorak and I could not tell at first glance what on earth they are going on about. At second glance to be fair I guessed it, after all it is the Lib Dems, so the following wasn't a surprise, but I challenge you to say all this succinctly.

"The future of Europe continues to be the subject of heated discussions. Various models, like differentiated integration, concentric circles, variable geometry or a hard core EU constantly reappear in the debate on how the EU should organise itself. They all have in common a more open approach to integration compared to the "one-size-fits-all" approach with which the EEC once began. Few scholars or politicians, however, have looked at what these proposals really mean for the EU institutions - Commission, Council, Parliament, and the Court. Therefore, the ALDE Group in the European Parliament invites you to a seminar on "The institutional implications of a more open integration". On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, our aim is to discuss the models and to use experts' and audience's input to create a better understanding of the various models and their respective advantages and drawbacks from an institutional perspective".

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