Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kate Moss is to blame

It appears that the smoking ban in Scotland is not having the effect that was planned. Despite there being comments from some 'experts' that, "lung cancer could be virtually wiped out in Scotland as a result of the smoking ban in public places". Dr Laurence Gruer, director of public health for NHS Scotland has admitted that, "There may not be a sustained effect from the ban on smoking cessation".

Damn, so imposing illiberal legislation about people's activities doesn't work. Suprise, suprise.

But the good doctor has a scapegoat, Yes its Kate Moss.
"Mr Kerr later told the committee he believed the media, actors and the fashion industry were partly to blame for around a quarter of 15-year-old girls smoking, singling out supermodel Kate Moss for setting a bad example.

He said paparazzi shots of the model with a cigarette in hand encouraged others to start, with many young women using smoking as an appetite suppressant.

He said: "I think the media icons - Kate Moss and others - some have a positive influence on our young people and some can have a negative.

"I do believe, and I don't want to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, there are a lot of messages taken from the media and iconic figures are there to set examples and sometimes those examples are not appropriate ones."

Later, the minister appealed to Ms Moss not to be "so blase" about smoking in public, adding: "If she comes to Scotland she will get good smoking cessation advice."

Roseanna Cunningham, the SNP convener of the committee, said: "It's Kate Moss with the fag in her hand at rock festivals."

Oh come off it...

Though this response to the idiocy did rather amuse me,
"It really beggars belief. Ireland blamed the immigrants. Scotland blames ONE person for the failure of a doomed social engineering experiment. California blamed non compliance (after ten years only 50% comply with the smoke free ordinance) on their failure.

Newest study out says it makes us blind! How do we find each other to have sex with? And when we do, how do we perform with our droopy tackle, and how do our partners get pregnant with our weakened sperm? Even if one measly sperm coughs and splutters its way through to its destination, we are told that the chances of producing a healthy human being are slim and that if, against all odds, the child reaches adolescence,it will be first in line to receive an ASBO.

Furthermore, even without the blindness, how do we attract a mate in the first place with our stinky breath, toothless grins, sallow skin, lank hair and yellow fingers?"

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The Remittance Man said...

If all that stuff about poor sexual performance etc is true can someone please explain how every Lambert & Butler adicted member of the underclass appears to have several squalling brats in tow by the age of fifteen?