Saturday, February 10, 2007

Heritage has levantine issues

Tonight a quick visit to the Heritage Foundation European Launch of their Index of Economic Freedom.
A good presentation, with happily intelligent questions and even better answers from the lead authoe Tim Kane.

However, notwithstanding the realisation that one of the key fundamentals of economic freedom seems to be the Common Law,

Hong Kong 89.3
Singapore 85.7
Australia 82.7
United States 82
New Zealand 81.6
United Kingdom 81.6
Ireland 81.3
Luxembourg 79.3
Switzerland 79.1
Canada 78.7

But that doesn't mean that the Heritage Foundation has a clue about Geography.
Take a look at this map

and then this one..

Please note that European Turkey, Erdine, Galata etc is not a seperate -and very free country.


Devil's Kitchen said...

Erm... What maps, Elaib?


Elaib said...

OK slight problem with picture upload, and it was 1am after free market drinkies