Friday, October 13, 2006

Lib Dems cuddle up to BNP

Now I know that the Lib Dems attempt to be al things to all men, but what the hell are they playing at in Halifax. It appears that in an attempt to oust the Tory controlled council they are prepared top do deals with the BNP.

"Liberal Democrat supremo Patrick Phillips wants to take over as leader – and he is prepared to form an alliance with the BNP to achieve his objective."

For pity's sake, they have the temerity to describe UKIP as a bunch of rascists, and yes I have heard elected Lib Dems say so, and they are planning to this. Though I suppose it makes sense in a way, they are both a bunch of statist lefties.

Soing it loud, they are not fit to fun a light let alone a council.

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