Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wet, wet, wet

Grantham Council turn down sugestion to put up statue to Thatch.

Now personally I don't think statues should go up to living people, well maybe monarchs, but only then on horseback, but this pathetic excuse.

"the proposed site - the middle of a roundabout - has already made the scheme a non-starter.
"There would be health and safety issues with people trying to cross the road to see it," said a South Kesteven District Council spokeswoman".

Or maybe it's true and they are frightened of the nostalgic hordes remembering a decent government.


Anonymous said...

Now, if they had the statue of Thatch wearing a broken miner's helmet with half a model of the Belgrano in one hand and a piece of paper representing 3 million UB40s popping out of her handbag in the other, then I might go and see it.

Primarily to blow it up...

Serf said...

Tippler, you are a sad man.

She saved us from the bloody miners, who were parasites living off the rest of us.

Mrs T. said...

I'd bounce with Tippler on this one, and throw the remains at Serf if he happened to be in the crowd..

Anonymous said...

What about a nice statue of her holding a copy of the Single European Act?