Friday, September 22, 2006

Tories are about to have their own Frank Field moment

Iain Dale picks up a piece in the Speccy by Alistair Heath that notes the first of what I guess will be a fair few of what must be called Frank Field moments. It was all very good when Cameron, flush from his victory (bought we must recall with that lie about leaving the EPP-ED), decided to set up a bunch of policy groups. The latest one to come to a form of fruition was chaird by former Scottish secretary and all round good egg, Lord Forsyth. I always thought it was a brave choice as Forsyth was never a shrinking violet over economic matters. However the shadow Chancellor seems to have taken fright at the vaguely radical tax cutting agenda proposed by Forsyth. This is you remember the same Goerge Osborne who once whispered 'flat tax'. Now in the midst of the fight for the crowded middle ground he seems to have got all rather coy abot tax reform.
Oh well, he won't mind it when UKIP launch their considered flat tax policy in a couple of weeks and cut the radical centre from under the Tories feet then.
After all according to what one CCO apparatchick told the FT,
"The commission is independent and will publish a menu of possible options for tax simplification next month. These can then be considered as part of our policy review. However, as George Osborne and David Cameron have repeatedly made clear, the Conservative party will always put stability before upfront promises of tax cuts."

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Devil's Kitchen said...

Indeed, I have a copy of UKIP's Flat Tax document and very good it is too.

They are launching it on 3 October, buring the Tory Party conference. In Bournemouth.

Heh heh.