Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No to the EU in Croatian

Somewhere in Croatia

15 years later
Somewhere in Adriatic

You have quality of a young German girl (ironic),
blue eyes, blue hair, syled in locks,
I spotted you in thongs in the middle of the beach
and I felt in love with you more than with girls from at home.

(Ich bin Eunija, I am Dugi (as well Long))

I gave you scampi, cheese, prosutto, lobsters,
poured you real wine, without chemistry,
and I wanted to enter you the same second
but you didn't give it because of cash (Gotovina = cash, Ante)

EEEunijoooo, this has no sense,
for me nothing, all for you
I f* it all and all your
yellow stars.

I noticed how you look at me as a farmer (diminutive),
who knows nothing except for fu*
but dearest when I speak your language
you can use yours (meaning tongue) only in circular motion.

You would like hotels, my god (like exclamation), and the islands
for me to prove my faithfulness if I want to enter you
but with us there is no wedding if there is no flag
and I give no one else to carry it than Ante.


And so Dugi entered Eunija
but she took it very hard

There are many smaller details which could be only explained by better
experts in Croatian media enviroment, along with some scampi, cheese,
lobsters and wine :)

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