Thursday, September 21, 2006

Europe as ever pushes ahead ofreality

The Bertlesmann Foundation yesterday produced an opinion poll that will be regarded as a rather large curate's egg by those in power here in Brussels. Whislt more accurate than their own Eurobarometre polls it shows significant divergence between different nationalities and there beliefs about the future ofthe European Union.

Titled "EU 2020 - the View of the Europeans" it makes pretty interesting reading

Its introduction starts thus, "Opinion poll researchers tend to think of fatigue, incomprehension and displeasure in connection with the electorates of the European Union when it
comes to the future of the integration project". Well quite.

It goes on with some interesting maths,
"However, the survey results demonstrate tat a relative majority of the interviewees (40 percent on average
across countries) now believes that a European constitution will be introduced by the year 2020. If one adds the 25 percent who believe in a revision of the basic treaties, though not in a constitution, then we have an overwhelming majority that believes the institutional foundations of the European Union will be revised".

Abnother way pof readingthis would be to saythat a mority of the people 60% have no faith in the Constitution that is still on the table.

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