Saturday, September 30, 2006

Golly, tha's a good reason to vote Tory

That great defender of our independence, Charles Tannock MEP almost convinces me that the Tories are serious. Well O.K. no he doesn't. Ladies and gentlemen, this is his offering,

"Conservatives believe that the EU must be simpler, less bureaucratic and more efficient"

Uhuh, so Charles any suggstions on how to make it that? No of course not. Indeed when one thinks of what the EU is up to it is hard to think how on earth he plans to achieve it. If the greatest brains and greatest expense accounts of the Commision cannot do more than propose the Lisbon Agenda, (a quick google search has Lisbon Agenda Failure collect 743,000 web pages) lord alone knows how this can be more than pious drivel.

The Constitution is not the answer.

Well no shit sherlock

The EU needs a simplifying treaty in which larger states like the UK get more voting rights in the Council, more MEPs and more Commissioners. Only a 'power rebalance' will make the EU work. We must not waste time on raising the dead constitution".

A 'simplifying treaty' eh? Isn't that exactly what Mrs Merkle, Mr Prodi and Mr Sarkozy are all proposing. Something that can be done without a referendum, in order to avoid the oprobrium of the peoples. Charles, I wonder this simplifying treaty you propose, would it need a referendum to be passed in the U.K? No I thought not.

His ideas that the others, specifically the French, would roll over and go against everything that everybody over here has said is pure fantasy. We have less MEPs due to enlargement, but he wants more, more politicians, more bureacrats, more Commissioners for pity's sake, we have already got one Peter Mandelson, do we need another? Utterly barking and not even worth thinking about, this sort of vain posturing is an embarresment for the country.

Rather explains why they are still in the federast EPP-ED really doesn't it?

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