Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So what are they for?

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Josep Borrell, that all the parliaments should be consulted. The European Parliament, as part of its well funded campaign to resuscitate the European Constitution and simultaneously make itself terribly important in the eyes of its peers is organising an inter Parliamentary meeting on St Schuman day.
The invitation to the Palace of Westminster was sent to the execrable Lord Falconer. I have his thank you letter in front of me now.
It makes bizarre but revealing reading. For two days the Brussels parliament will be filled with 140 national European parliamentarians (plus a couple of Turks) who will be having drinks and jollies with their MEP compadres.
What will be the result of all this mutual back slapping?
Let’s read Falconers letter,
“I am also pleased to endorse the basis on which it is proposed to be held. It is particularly helpful to see that there is no suggestion that the meeting should be invited to produce conclusions of any kind”.
So let me get this straight. Hundreds of thousands of pounds are being spent on a consultation exercise which has, as its prime objective no possible result.


Anonymous said...

So who slipped you the Falconer letter? Farage or Bonde?

Elaib said...

Almost fifty people get the documentation from those meetings you know. Funnily enough I talk to quite a few of them.