Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dip anybody mention piss ups and breweries?

Email received at 11.34 this morning

"Dear Colleagues,

The people in Belarus have begun to light candles as a symbol of silent protest against the prevailing dictatorship in their country on the 16th of every month.
In the light of the presidential elections next Sunday, we kindly request that you light candles in your appartments, houses, and offices today at precisely 16.00, to express our support for democratization of Belarussian society.

The flickering candles symbolize hope for a new life and a new beginning, for freedom and democracy. It will be a beautiful and powerful gesture of European solidarity with Belarus.

Thank you,

Peter Šťastný
Zita Pleštinská
Milan Gaľa"

Prompting the following response at 12.17

"The Security Unit would like to remind all users of our buildings that the rules on safety proscribe the lighting of candles in all rooms in the EP.

Flames are a potential fire risk and several interventions have already taken place by the fire services".

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lemuel said...

It's hilarious and sad at the same time.