Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Shit happens

Now this is very strange
"The greater Athens area's water and sewerage utility (EYDAP) on Monday confirmed reports that it was considering a plan to transport sewage sludge accumulated at a seaside treatment plan to the African country of Sudan."

Now I know that the Sudan is desperately in need of all sorts of imports, but I would think that they have plenty of this of their own.


Aunty Marianne said...

As it happens, it's actually being mixed with water and used as fertiliser in subsistence gardens.

Sudan's in great need of fertiliser, and can't produce enough of its own.

Which is odd because its government is full of it.

Trixy said...

I remember the 'send a cow to Uganda' campaign by Blue Peter, but 'send a turd to Sudan' probably isn't going to be on the next programme, I suspect. Who would lick the envelope down, for starters....

dearieme said...

"Up shit creek without a paddle": the Nile's some creek.

Anonymous said...

Louis Michel's already been.