Monday, November 14, 2005

An offer they just cannot refuse.

Now here is an offer. You may continue living in your own homes, but you cannot build or repair your religious buildings. You must pay a significant tax if you wish to remain as you are. However you do have the option of joining those who will take control of everything you currently own.
Tempted? Well that is the offer recently made by the Iranian, so called moderate, spritual leader when he spoke about Isreal.
In a devastating critique by Amir Tahiri, Khamenehi is reportd as saying in an Eid sermon that,
"Iran rejected the two-states formula proposed by the US, and would fight for the creation of a single state encompassing Israel and the Palestinian territories. In such a state, power would be in the hands of Muslims, although some Jews would be allowed to remain, under unspecified conditions."

No need to specify, when Islamic custom, history and jurisprudence Dhimmitude is the obvious conditions.
As John Eposito (no Islamaphobe he) puts it 'Islam: the straight path',
"As Islam penetrated new areas, people were offered three options: (1) conversion, that is, full membership in the Muslim community. with its rights and duties; (2)acceptance of Muslim rule as 'protected' people and the payment of a poll tax; (3) battle or the sword if neither the first nor second option was accepted".

Or with a bit of pithy detail Robert Spencer describes,
"In 1892 a Persian (thus Iranian) decree reemphasised, among other niggling regulations designed to reinforce a staus of subservience, that Jews "must not wear fine clothes...[and] are forbidden to wear matching shoes...a Jewish creditor of a Muslim must claim his debt in a quivering and resp[ectful manner...If a Muslim insults a Jew, the latter must drop his head and remain silent...It is forbidden for him to have a house higher than his Muslim neighbour",

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