Monday, October 24, 2005

Ivo good idea for a city break

Ivo Belet is a Flemish Christian Democrat. He also, according to his website supports three different football teams. Which is pretty impressive, normally the tribalism of football wouldn't allow that sort of promiscuity. Thus I am astounded to learn in De Standaard (behind a sub firewall) that he has visited Glasgow for a couple of days to learn about "the social and cultural function of football". Yea Gods is he in for a shock. The thought of an innocent Flem - though this picture suggests that he knows what to do with a lingerie model - bimbling into Ibrox Park or Possil suggesting that he could be both a Taig and a Hun. There would be a red stripe all the way down Sauchiehall St.
There again, anything he could learn there could have easily been done by reading the Herald and the Evening post, so maybe he just felt like a couple of days in Scotland at the Parliament's expense, whilst taking in a footy match - indeed it will be the game between Celtic and Motherwell on Wednesday that he managed to blag a ticketfor.
Has he never been to a game of his beloved St Truiden / Genk / Anderlecht against any francophone side? He could learn it all there.


Anonymous said...

errrr.... Elaib,

Anderlecht IS a francophone side. Supported, to be sure, by some Flems as well, but mainly by Bruxellois Frogs. Personally I support Klub Brugge.


Elaib said...

My mistake, but in my defence I cite the bar on my street which is Flemnish speaking and is an Anderlect hotbed