Monday, October 24, 2005

Ask not for whom the Borrell tolls

The otiose numbnuts that presides of the travelling farce that is the European Parliament travelled to Luxembourg and farted. Or maybe he farted over the phone. However his wafts have been picked up by the Luxembourgish paper the Tageblatt. What does the dull Spaniard have to say? "There is still a need for the Constitutional Treaty". Please note that he doesn't say 'A' Constitutional treaty but 'The' Constitutional Treaty. Better he announces that there must be a single pan-European debate, in order to stop such democratic accidents as the French and Dutch Nos, but he regrets that Europe today isn't a single problem and that the people are unable to "answer the question 'what they want to do, and what they want to become". Maybe they can answer that question Josep, maybe they have, its just that you are unhappy with the answers they have given.

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