Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Traditional Freedoms held as "poisonous" by British Minister

In an extraordinary outburst in the European Parliament Charles Clarke, the British Home Secretary today denounced defence of freedom as "poisonous".
He was responding to a speech by Nigel Farage MEP (Co-Chairman of the Ind Dem Group) who had asked whether the drive to a common EU war on terror was "worth us losing the presumption of innocence before guilt? Is it worth us losing our right to trial by jury? Is it worth us losing habeas corpus, our basic protection against the police state? "
Obviously in the case of this Presidency it is.


Irina Tsukerman said...

This is preposterous! Didn't anyone respond???

Anonymous said...

I hope you all realise that the EU is just a slow coup by gramscians.

It will of course, as all coerced collectivist activities do, end in mass murder.

Elaib said...

To be fair Irian also described as opoisonous were the Tory Geofry Van Orden (Who has tl;d everybody who wishes to listen that he is writing a letter of protest) and an Lib Dem who press released about it.