Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Terrorist rights as important as those they kill: Lib Dem.

"We do not agree with the President-in-Office (the UK in the person of Charles Clarke) when he said in London that the human rights of the victims were more important than the human rights of the terrorists".
The ghastly Graham 'toady' Watson, the vile leader of the Liberals in the European Parliament. I would love to see him say such a thing in Tauton, or London for that matter.
Maybe he could argue this point in a literalist sense at an ethics seminar, but this is politics and he is grandstanding in a place nobody knows for the benefit of the Human Rights Taliban.

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Anonymous said...

Taxpayers are the victims of the welfare state.

It's funny that they won't stand up for taxpayers rights to work for themsleves and not be enslaved by the state.