Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sophisticated Europeans

Excellent story reported on the front page of the Canard this week.

Philippe Douste-Blazy, the new French Minister for Europe was "visiting the new Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem, Douste-Blazy, while looking at a map of Europe showing the number of Jews living in each country before and after the Holocaust, apparently asked:

"Were there no Jews killed in England?"
"But, Minister, England was not occupied by the Nazis!"
"But no Jews were expelled from England?" replies Douste-Blazy."

Hat tip Jerome at the European Tribune.


Anonymous said...

Please wander over to the Wallstrom blog and check out the interesting anti american propaganda eminating from the commission for 'communications'..

Anonymous said...

There must have been loads of Jews killed in England.

Ze Germans bombed the East-End quite thoroughly, and at the time there were loads of Jewish people living there.

The East-End jews don't seem to get along with their new neighbours who wail 7 times a day.

Ellen R. said...

I guess the French really can't comprehend why any nation wouldn't get rid of the Jews if given half a chance.