Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Rt Dishonourable Member for Rotherham slates Blair in France

Denis MacShame, for it is he, launched an unprecedented attack on Britain and the Labour record in an interview with the French newspaper La Tribune on Thursday.

As the former Miniature for Europe over the period 2002 until the general election earlier this year,he is much in demand in the French press.

Denouncing fee trade and “liberalisme” he then went on to make some outrageous statement,
"Si vous voulez voir du liberalisme, pur et dur, allez voir la Nouvelle Orleans....Nous ne voulons pas d'une Europe a l'anglaise, mais d'un Europe qui satifasse les besions des citoyens".

My translation,
"If you want to see (the results of) free trade, pure and simple, go and look at New Orleans....We do not want a Europe like the UK, but a Europe which satisfies the hopes of its citizens".

What is extraordinary is that he not only seems to blame the Hurricane and its aftermath on free trade economics – thus falling into line with his German colleagues, but it his statement about Europe that take the biscuit. This man was our representative in the European Council of Ministers and by his own words he claims not to want to see British influence succeed in Europe!!
Now I had always known that he had failed to promote the British position, but before this I had thought he was incompetent. Now I know that he was in fact both dishonest and deliberately working against Britain’s national interest. I am shocked. What is even more extraordinary is his implicit criticism of Blair’s record in Government. If as he believes Britain fails to “satisfy the hopes of its citizens” then, pray what have he and his party been doing for the last eight years?

And for this shower in Downing Street have awarded him with a Privy Councillor position ),
“Asked why he had been made a member of the Privy Council, the PMOS said it was in recognition of his work as a Minister”.

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