Saturday, August 06, 2005

Quit your carping

Seems like the good aunt has a fair point here. Not that I like to say anything positive about anything that the institutions in this town have done will do and are doing.
There again it is not that the EU has done anything particularly right on the Niger issue, but it seems that they are not the main culprits. Well that is what the aunt says, and I know that she wouldn't vent on this without certain knowledge of the issue, after all she does process the cheques that go to places like Niger.
Further information comes my way.
It seems that the World Food Programme though acting themselves, are sitting on huge sums of rescources, but will not release them for this crisis as they are keeping them in reserve for what they believe will be a massive crisis in Zimbabwe. Of course because they are operating in Zim they cannot mention this or they will be chucked out by the paranoid murderous Mugabe regieme, so it is a holding quantity and unofficially earmarked. This isn turn makes it harder to source more from donors as they have such a stockpile.
Then they have the temerity to have a go at those who are moveing - and according to the Aunt's post have been trying to do so since last year when the balloon first went up.

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