Tuesday, August 09, 2005

EPP kow tows to Islamist extremists.

In a display of breathtaking bad timing, the leader of the EPP/ED - yes that includes the Tory MEPs, Hans-Gert Poettering happened to be in Tehran on Sunday. Not only that he was meeting up with bigwigs such as Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi.
And what did they talk about? Well according to the Iranian news service Payvand Kharrazi, "noted that injustice is considered as the root cause of terrorism in the region which is spread to Europe". He also "criticized the efforts underway to deprive Iran from its legitimate rights to obtain peaceful nuclear technology.

"Israel is not a signatory to NPT and does not allow the IAEA inspectors to inspect, having variety of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), including the arsenal of the biological and nuclear weapons.

However, Iran, that is a member of NPT and calls for a WMD free region with the IAEA inspectors watching its facilities repeatedly, is doomed to be deprived of its legitimate rights,"

What did the great Euro statesman have to say?
"briefed Kharrazi on the activities and stances of the Conservative Group of European Parliament.

Poettering said he is visiting Iran "to get better and more realistic account of the ongoing events in the world of Islam, especially in the Islamic Republic of Iran." He said, "We are for dialogue and collaboration among different civilizations but against confrontation among them."
Oh and make cash as he is "eager to imprtover trade relations" - with a hostile nation.
Hans-Gert you are a lily livered coward. I don't care if it is undiplomatic but the day before they restart their Nuclear march, there you are allowing them a PR coup. Numbnuts.
Even his own press release shows by its vacuuity the lack of spine.
Worse, describing Akbar Ganji as "arrested politician" rather than as a journalist shows horrifying ignorance of the situation in that benighted country.

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Gothamimage said...

It may be Iran's attempt to acquire weapons will not be thru traditional means.

It will be thru imports from foreign networks - some of which may have been allowed to flourish, for this very reason, so as to provide a provocation- but that's all speculation, derived from the gov reports.

The fight over inspections and enrichment, according to this theory, is somewhat of a phony war - and everyone knows it - because they don't have the time or the proper centrfuges, etc

So, there has been a proliferation of leaks, from war skeptics, within the Intel community in the US and elsewhere - yet, and yet -while disputing the official "dossier"-type stories circulated by Bush & Co, they still believe Tehran is bomb oriented.

Which brings us back to the speculation as to why all these investigations into various international networks doing businsess with Tehran were limited in scope and restricted from being ends-oriented.