Thursday, August 18, 2005

Eight types of plant set for reprieve by EC

Sadly a story about heavy kit - "tracked dozers; wheel loaders less than 55 kW; screed pavers; screed finishers; vibratory plates; vibratory rammers; pedestrian vibratory rollers; forklifts, and hand-held concrete breakers". of the sort that infamously spends its time crossing roads.
I was hoping for news that roses were to be held acceptable after great del;iberations.
That being said, I guess that after I have had my chip implanted one could easliy describe me as a "tracked dozer".

Of course the bottom line on this story (Ok got to be serious, this is a serious blog) is that yet again a directive - in this case the Noise Directive (2000/14/EC) has gone through every stage of legislation. Commission Parliament Council - scrutiny (Hah) at the national level, and at the pint of second stage implementation people cotton on to the basic fact. If it is brought in as passed all the above equipment would be illegal from January 1 next year.

So that would have been no road repairs, no repairs to electricity, gas, water mains and so on. Thus I am delighted that the Committee set to oversee these things (the Working Group on Outdoor Equipment - great name) has pointed out the lunacy of the Directive - but not initially, in 2002 it "Propose to the European Parliament and Council that Stage II be implemented in its
entirety". But where the hell were the politicians, the lobbyists, the government for gods sake while this peice of enviro-madness was passing through the system?

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GEA3 said...

4 things:

1) Annex I would make a good post without comment. Just a complete cut and paste. I am looking for a final post. this may do the trick.

2) Annex I, Item 10, concrete breakers and picks "powered by any method," surely this does not mean a pick driven by human power?

3) I noticed no price tag estimate on how much this will all cost. Testing by the EU and compliance by businesses

4) Are there any openings in the Noise Collection Bureau?