Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bomber nabbed in Spain

Seems that the Spanish plod have felt the collar of this particular loathsome creature. It appears that he has been arrested because the Germans want him for an attempt attack on a British Army Barracks in Onsnabrook in 1989. Sinn Fein are squealing about this because the wanker was on a list of people it wants to be amnestied, as one of 'the forgiven' since the repeat ceasefire last month.
The Sinners arguemnent seems to be that because the Irish Government won't arrest him again, (he spent 4 years in Irish gaols "after being caught with explosives getting off a ferry in Rosslair",)therefore he shouldn't be arrested by anybody else. Its just that the Germans dn't understand the sordid deals struck by London and Dublin.
It seems that HMG have capitulated to the Sinners demands as a security sorce is quoted as saying “It would be better for us if we didn’t get involved” .
For who, precisely?

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