Monday, June 20, 2005

You are all my Focus Group

In my job, I have been charged to produce a few things. One is a new term to describe the desire to maintain democracy and governance as a national competence. The problem is that the words currently in use by the press and indeed ourselves have, negative undertones and overtones.

Eurosceptic - Cynical, old fashioned
Europhobe - Irrational fearful
Euro-realist - A touch arrogant, pretends to be better than everybody else
Euroskeptic - Like the first one, but with a scary "Ve haf vays" flavour
Souveriegnist - Only available in French.

The new term, has to be descriptive, but short -it is for use in the media so it has to convey something of what we are with something of what we want. It also would do well to be translatable.
Now I know this is a difficult one, but I am prepared to bet that a new name is already out there

A second question would be: What would be the first two parts of the aquis communitaire which should be returned to national control?


Bishop Hill said...

q1: Subsidiatarian (bit of a mouthful!)

q2: Fishing and agriculture

eulogist said...


Hew BG said...

q1: Charmingly Naive ;-)

q2: Whilst I agree with the sentiments of his grace the Bishop, I'm not usre that fishingandfarming are part of he acquis specifically. Presumably you are looking for a couple of specific regs to repeal.

So.... whichever directive it was that took away our nice, big, Blue Passports


The article in the Treaty of Rome that gives EU functionaries diplomatic immunity.

Serf said...

Tim Worstall refers to himself as a


Anonymous said...


Elaib said...

Thanks to you all both secular and profane for your suggestions, and keep them coming in, however I should narrow down question 2.
What I am after specificaly is Euro regulations that are, either deliberately or accidentally barriers to trade.
E.G. Workimg hours, herbal supplements etc.

tim said...

"Free State" = as in "Free State Tory" "Free State Green" "Free State Fenian Bastard" or what ever...

Anonymous said...


Elaib said...

What did I do to upset you?

I am deeply hurt.

FransGroenendijk said...

"maintain democracy and governance as a national competence"
Your problem is finding a good word. You are looking for a word that is positive while its message is negative. (against a number of aspects of European cooperation / integration).
If you study the assignment carefully you find some very strange extra challenges
="maintain": so everything is fine right now? (Winner takes it all; 2/3 majority in parliament with 40% of the vote)
="democracy": something similar.
="national competence": no democracy on Scottish, county- or city-level?
=What about WTO and other international institutions?

Elaib said...

You are right up to a point, I should have said 'return', not 'maintain'.
What pray thoughj is negative about the message?
Independance, freedom, self determination are all positivre things -unless I live in a parallel universe.

I share some of your concerns viz WTO/UN and other tranzi organistaions, but I think that Scotland has a pretty good deal,some would prefere more some less,but it is in their hands. With the EU it is never in the hands of a coherent demos. merely an elite.

AnnsFuseBox said...

Keep it simple:


Or if you must--Eurodemocrat.

More complicated: