Thursday, June 02, 2005

Now take you medicine, you naughty people

This morning a friend was in the car on his way to work, listening to the World Service, he continues,
"they interviewed Manuel Medina Ortega, Canary Island socialist, who I had hitherto thought was relatively sensible for a Spanish socialist. During the course of a three minute slot, he came out with these five corkers:

1) 220m had ratified the Constitution so far, ie population of 9 member states - but only one of those has had a referendum. What would have been the result in Germany do you think?
2) The French and Dutch referndums were only consultative - ie they can easily be ignored
3) Those countries which had ratified would obviously want to go ahead, and he saw no reason for them not to do so - he's a lawyer!?!?!?
4) Asked if he really believed the UK would ratify the constitution now, he said that was a small point, since the UK hadn't signed up to Schengen or EMU
5) Asked if he really thought the EU could move forward without France and Netherlands, he said that he was sure that by 1 November 2006 those who had not ratified, would definitely want to ratify it and change their man

These guys presume to govern our lives?

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