Friday, June 03, 2005

A Message from our masters

Martin Schulz had a shambolic press conference. Almost 80% of the people in the room were sceps who had come for a giggle. He immediately spotted rebel Tory, Roger Helmer MEP and ordered him out of the room,

"This is a socialist Press conference, Get out! What are you doing here?", Roger left chuckling.

Schulz smoothed his ruffled spirit by railing against reality,

"The verdict delivered today, was delivered solely on domestic policy" he claimed, "Neither the French nor the Dutch vote were a message about the EU".

Disappearing further into the parallel universe in which he and his sort live he went on "this rejection does not, in any way, mean that the substance of the treaty is wrong". There was a moment of self doubt, "We need the Constitution more than ever, but at the same time the citizens are rejecting it more than ever", (who is this "we" he is talking about anyway), however he rallied, "Each and every head of state, especially Balkenende and Chirac must now fight on for the Constitution, The Referenda must go on".

The man is a demagogue, a wannabe dictator and a shower, petty minded non-entity who dares to suggest he speaks for "the people". I left in contemptuous disgust.

So a short walk to the Commission was in the offing, to try to catch the Barroso, Borell, Juncker end of the pier show.

Sadly I missed the two Bs and had top make do with Jean Claude Juncker PM of Luxembourg and current rotating President, how he span.

He was asked whether he was looking forward to his own referendum, due in July, and with a smile he replied,

"We can consider ourselves lucky that we only have 10 referenda". His self deprecation ended there as he then moved into arrogance overdrive , which seem to be the default setting of Eurocrats dealing with the great unwashed,

"We are like teachers, we must patiently teach then about the treaty" he said.

Then he was asked, given his illegal reliance on Declaration 30 (the one tacked onto the Constitution that provides for 20 Yes's votes allowing a further discussion in Council - Treaties approved by QMV),

"We cannot halt the process. Remember, History is full of lessons for us, two weeks of war would cost more than ten EU budgets".

That was the second time I had left a press conference in disgust within one hour.
Did go to the pub with some Dutch chums a get a skinfull though, so all was well.


Anonymous said...

Demonstrating the vast commitment to freedom of speech inherant in all socialists i.e. zero.

Socialism can accept no differences of opinion, no other way of doing things, no innovation, no freedom, no choice for others.

Socialism Kills, reject it wherever you find it.

Anonymous said...

"two weeks of war would cost more than ten EU budgets"

It wouldn't take two weeks to eradicate the EU-Fuhrer and the contents of his bunker.

Thank God (even though I'm an Atheist) that the constitution that would have caused the bloodiest war ever was rejected by the people.

Elaib said...

A friend tells me that soon after the press conference he met up with a colleague,
I, "met Schulz later in the Atrium, and were treated to a passionate lecture on how the German language was the great language of Europe, spoken by more people than any other European language, and one day we would all be speaking it"
I have checked this story-I undertans that Schuilz was alittle more diplomatic than that, but that is an accurate conclusion".

lemuel said...

"The man is a demagogue, a wannabe dictator and a shower, petty minded non-entity who dares to suggest he speaks for "the people". I left in contemptuous disgust."

Very good characterization of Schulz; I remember hearing about him for the first time when he had the little "disagreement" with Berlusconi - and I heard him speak and thought, Man, what a dick! No wonder that even Berlusconi hates his guts, Herr Schulz is the living embodiment of all that is wrong with the EU.