Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Timmy Walstrom

Here is the letter that was sent to the rebel Tories. It was dated last Saturday, May 14th and co-signed by Philip Bradbourn, Conservative chief whip in Brussels and Timothy Kirkhope, Tory delegation leader:

This resolution could be very damaging to the Conservative Party in that it is also co-signed by individuals from groups and parties such as Sinn Fein who are alien to and hold views incompatible with our beliefs, and your signature on the resolution could indicate your support for these groups and parties.

Therefore we must insist that you urgently remove your name from the list of signatories, in any event at the latest by 12 noon on Thursday 19th May. Failure to do this will result in very serious consequences for you.
So despite my belief that Kirkhope couldn't be so crass as to suggest that people like Hannan, Heaton-Harris, Helmer, Callanan and Sumberg were sympathisers with Sinn Fein/IRA he actually has been that crass.

Has he not noticed that Jim Allister the DUP MEP has signed? Surely if the Rev Paisley's man in Brussels has signed then that allegation, cheap and unpleasant though it is, is tripe?

Instead of crumbling today, rumors hit my ears that all five are standing firm, and it is possible that another will join them.


Daniel P Dykes said...

This seemingly highlights a flaw within the ‘democracy’ of the EU. Surely members of any party are despatched to Brussels, having been elected in Great Britain, to represent their constituents, the British people and then their party. While political parties will always tend to operate along a sole mentality, it hardly reinforces the abilities of democracy (whether in GB or abroad) when members are sanctioned for differing views.

Elaib said...

Up to a point. party discipline is of course very important, otherwise why get elected on a party ticket? But, and this is essential to this issue, the rebels are in fact upholding manifesto commitments to hold the Commission to account, whereas the leadership out of pique against UKIP are in breach of the Tory manifesto.