Friday, May 20, 2005

I love Paris in the Springtime

No posting tommorrow as going on a bit of a jolly. Phillipe de Villiers and friends disent non.

There will be a few brace of non French politico types there, applauding the Frenbch for being French. Amongst them will be, fresh from supporting the DUP in Ulster, Kate Hoey MP(Labour former Minister and serial rebel), Bill Cash MP, (the man whom the expression "bores for Britain" was invented; and a crowd of UKIP types who are de Villiers Group colleagues in the EP. Then other MEPs, Zelezny (Czech), Goudin (Swede) Bonde (Dane), Giertych (Pole) and Sinnott (Irish).
They will not however tell anybody to do anything, they will merely applaud those who are striking for freedom.

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