Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Here is the Conflict of interest

European Commission President Barroso stated today that "what is not legitimate is to make one European institution oppose another". (edited after checking against the Hansard)
Unbelievable. Henceforward there is no separation of powers in the EU.
Not only that but he also made it clear that no MEP can ask questions about hospitality received by a Commissioner. Thus any gift of any value from anybody is now sacrosanct. This is a disgrace - and one that will be relayed to the people's of France and Holland I can assure you.

Now some facts.
Mr Barroso took a holiday with Mr Latsis. Last Wednesday Mr Latsis's company Lamda Development (In a joint venture called the Aegean Motorway Group) received preferred bidder status for a motorway project part funded by the EU to the tune of hundreds of millions of Euros.

Mr Barroso has admitted that the holiday was shared with him, Latsis, and their former tutor, one Dusan Sidjanski, of the Latsis Foundation (see opening session). Only three days after Barroso admitted the holiday to the college of Commissioners, and only three days before he refused to answer Nigel Farage MEP's question, Sidjanski was made Chief Policy Advisor to the EU!!!!!!!
I think that both jobs are paid.


GEA3 said...


Can't you see this is just a string of coincidences? True, a verrrrrrrrrry long string .......

(/sarcasm off)

Gothamimage said...

Looks like you need Galloway to head to Brussells and tell some tough truths - scoundral that he is.

Aunty Marianne said...

Yes, please send Galloway. I need him to practise my mother's patented cocktail-party-accidental-spilling-of-red-wine-ploy on. "Oh, I am terribly sorry, please send me your dry cleaning bill". Preferably done just BEFORE he addresses a crowded room of impeccably dressed people.

I would enjoy him giving the Commissioners a thorough dressing down, though.