Friday, May 06, 2005

EU stops Progressive Levantines killing cats

A friend mails me with the remarkable news that, since accession to the EU, the Cypriot authorities now frown onthe slughter of cats.
"SINCE joining the EU a year ago, it is not uncommon to hear the expression “We’re Europeans now” to describe the rights and wrongs of a particular situation, such as the incident of cat killing at the CyBC some weeks ago.
A police officer warned the alleged culprit that this type of behaviour was no longer acceptable because we were now in Europe.
Such statements imply the act of killing cats was not deemed to be “as bad” before European accession. Whatever the precedent, it is nevertheless a sign of progress and that, it seems, is what being European is all about."

Well I'm convinced. 60 years of peace, growth and progress and cats no longer fear for their lives in Nicosia, sign me up as a supporter.

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Gothamimage said...

Come to my blog and look at the post, "Assassinating kittens, Blowing up Frogs."- Nicosia is far more civilized.