Monday, May 30, 2005

A different perspective.

At one point last night I found myself giving a brief interview -well I was the only fellow in the Berlymont building with a prominent "Non a la Constitution" lapel badge (and the only one with a broad grin), so some attention was inevitable.
The interviewer, a well spoken lady of oriental appearance, asked if I thought the Eurocrats would accept the result and I responded something along these lines,
"They have to, it would be impossible in the modern world for them to ignore a 10 points gap in support.", she smiled and it was obvious that I had not convinced her. She pressed me and I repeated, in a couple of different ways, the same basic point. If the people say No then their governors have to listen.
Stikll not convinced we gave up. I then asked her who the interview was for.
"State Chinese Television",
Aah, now I understand the comprehension gap.

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