Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A common understanding of history

This is quite a departure for the European Parliament. After all this is all part of the creation of a European people, a common understanding of history. According to Swedish liberal MEP Cecilia Malmstrom,

"the 20th century saw the evolution of totalitarian ideologies and regimes and the horrors of the two World Wars, which cost millions of lives all over the world; whereas finding a common understanding on these issues is not only vital to comprehending the political, moral, and cultural stakes of the 21st century, but also to finally turning a new chapter in EU-Russia relations as concerns the Eastern European countries",

This is going to be interesting, I am sure that my understanding of the rise ofthe dictatorships is very different from hers, which will probably be different from your average Pole. What a Hungarian Conservative or a Czech communist might make of it is a different matter.

Seriously this woman is trying to legislate history. When will they learn to just stop?


GEA3 said...

"finding a common understanding on these issues"

is the first "common understanding" the hatred of capitalism?

Anonymous said...

Remember under "social"ism no differences of opinion are allowed.

There will be NO liberty in a balkanised EU.

There WILL be a huge "civil" war though.


Those who wish to change, "legislate", or re-write history, it makes no difference if a "civil war breaks out. The 21st century shows that the majority of Europrean countries under Liberal/ Socialistic style governments are down on the United States because of our Capitalistic form of government and this does not fit in with the One World Government mind set. What ever happens, the outcome will be a true nightmare society, devoid of any kind of civil or religious freedoms. The One World Government will be the biggest Socialistic/Communistic hell on earth that mankind has ever seen. It will make Hitler's Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union look like paradise.