Monday, April 25, 2005

Come in Mrs Wallstrom, your time is up

What did the blessed Margot do to piss of those boys over at Expressen? It seems that they are chasing her through her life, first as a junior politico in Varmland, now when she has moved upwards to her first national post. I guess looking at her CV that the next thing we shall here will be something dodgy about regional TV -whoops that is what she is trying to do now

Here is today's instalment badly translated from Expressen
Wearing two Hats
While chairmen of Sweden's official State's youth Council, Margot Wallström forced through increased contributions to youth organisations - when she was still active in the SSU.
She arranged increased contributions
Margot Wallström was chairman of the State's Youth Councils between 1983 and1985. Whilst there she forced through increased contributions to youth organisations. Concurrently she remained active in the SSU.
Expressen has seen minutes of board meetings of the Youth Council during the 1980s and they show that Margot Wallström participated in decisions which significantly increased the amount that was given directly to Youth political movements.While she was Chairman the Board decided in August 1983 decided to increase the amount paid tp youth political organisation by 5000 kronor, also the contribution paid for each member was increased by one kronor per member. The subsequent year the board tried to increase by 6 kronor per member.
5,1 millions kronor
This means additional costs to taxpayers of 5,1 millions kronor. Though Mrs Wallström did not take part in decisions concerning specific contributions to the SSU the documents show that she was arguing in favour of increases across the board. She did however take part in discussions concerning the suspect contributions and cheating organisations.
She says in a comment: "when I was in the youth council I had certainly left the SSU…I don't remember such details".

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