Friday, March 04, 2005

Who gave Constantinople the Works?

So what date did Chirac choose? What symbol did he rest upon? And does he really want to win?

If the answer to the first is the 29th of May, whiuch I gather it is.

Then the answer to the second is the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople to the Turks.

The answer to the third I will leave to Phillipe de Villiers, the aristocratic leader of the French No campaign.
"Thank you Jacques Chirac and your campaign director François Holland through your ignorance of history you have placed Turkey squarely at the centre of the debate".

de Villiers also talked about the financing discrepancy between the 'Yes' and 'No' campaigns (the French Govt has voted 10 million to the yes campaign, and not a brass farthing to the No). As if by magic a couple of letters float into view. From the excerable, and oft mentioned here Jo Leinen, gauleiter of the Constitution (stinker sneered at my child this morning after he saw it was mine) they are addressed to the French National Assembly and to the Senate. A delegation will be visiting Paris and those two august institutions on the 16th march. There will of course be a broad cross section of voices represented by the European Parliament's delegation.
This lot go to the Senate
Mendez de Vigo - Co writer of the Parliament's report on the Constitution.
Poettering - German leader ofthe EPP/ED, fanatical pro European
Hansch - German socialist former President of the EP
Geremek - Polish Liberal Democrat, candidate for President of the EP.

The same team turn up to the Assembly with a swap from Poettering to Jack Allgood, perhaps the most french frenchman man in Parliament.

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