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Team Europe: The officers in Britain’s Fifth Column.

So if any of you are at a public meeting and any of the following are there, or if you are reading a newspaper and you notice their byline, well you know who they are and you know who sent them. Treat their message with the caution that you would treat a pissed of puff adder. As the Commission says itself,
“Team Europe is the European Commission's panel of independent conference speakers: 630 members in the 25 Member States. The members are lawyers, consultants, academics, etc. covering all fields of activity of the Union's policies and working languages. They are recruited by the Commission's Representations in the Member States”.
This is a very long post, but I believe to be necessary following the Commission’s announcement that it would be activating its network to provide propaganda in the forthcoming referendum campaign.

Mr. Richard Ernest Barker
"Barker Gotelee
Member of Team Team Europe for 10 years.
Specialises in agriculture, regularly quoted in the agricultural press on European matters, A member of the European Food Law Association. According to the Legal 500 website he “specialises in state aid agriculture, and runs a niche practice handling Washington-style lobbying for landed estate owners”.

Ms. Liz Armour
Inspector of Education and Training Department-Department of Education,
Rathgael House
Member of Education and Training Inspectorate for Nothern Ireland with responsibility for English and vocational areas of study. She has particular interest in education and training and the social dimension of the Single Market.

Dr Wahé H. Balekjian
University Professor-School of Law, University of Glasgow
Specialised in European law and international economic law; lectures in five languages to professional groups. Professor at Salzburg University and Senior Research Fellow in Glasgow.
Part of the “Scottish European Resources Network's Directory of Information Providers”.

Mr. Geoffrey Brown
Director - EUCLID International
Geoffrey Brown runs his own consultancy business, EUCLID, which specialises in European research and information services, with an emphasis on education and training, and the creative industries. EUCLID has its own web-site offering European information

Mr. Brian Connolly
Chairman-Qualifications, Curriculum & Assessment Authority for Wales
Formerly a senior member of the Iron and Steel Trade Confederation and Welsh TUC Executive. Now on the Sector Skills Development Agency board.

Mr. John Cornbill
Chair of the West Midlands EU information providers - Director - EPI Centre-Midlands Innovation Relay Centre (MIRC) - The Technocentre
The EPI Centre created in late 1999 with the aim of helping increase local understanding, of European issues.

Mr. Pat Donnelly
Director - PROTEUSBackground in higher education; responsible for employment, ADAPT + INTERREG in Northern Ireland, and the employment sub-programme of the EU special support programme for Peace + Reconciliation.

Mr. Richard Essex
Self employed consultant-
Consultant focussing on public policy advise, regeneration, spatial planning and inter-regional cooperation. Previously, over 22 years in local government, 8 years with the Welsh Development Agency and 3 years with the Wales European Centre in Brussels (1997-2000). Public policy advice, within the context of devolved governance in the UK Proactive involvement in regeneration policy & programmes. Keen interest in inter-regional and trans-national cooperation & the exchange of good practice. Also positive engagement with the Spatial Planning agenda (flowing from the European Spatial Development Perspective).

Ms Catherine Eva
British council (Trustee); Head of European Commission Office in Wales; Welsh Development Agency. She is also on the Equal opportunities Commission (Wales) and events secretary for the Bhutan Society.

Mr. John Fagan
European Education Consultancy. John Fagan has worked extensively on EU information with Education, training and public Library sectors including the design and delivery of training workshops & briefing on EU policies, funding and sources of information.

Dr Virginia Giannelli
Administrative Officer-European Resource Centre for Schools and Colleges and CILT Cymru
Supply and dissemination of information and resources on European issues. Responding to individual requests from teachers, pupils and students. Circulation of material and organisation of events to mark key dates in the European calendar (E.g. Europe Day).

Mr. Peter Hall
Hall Aitken Associates
Research & Consultancy Director of Hall Aitken Associates Ltd; Former EC Programme Manager with an organisation providing specialist EC research and information services. Currently developing the provision of monitoring and evaluation assistance.

Mr. Richard Hall
Southern Area Euro Info Centre

Mrs Pamela Hardy
Senior Lecturer-Farnborough College of Technology
Senior lecturer & consultant in corporate finance and banking. Mrs Hardy delivers a module on the BA Business Management/Accounting & Finance/Marketing on the EU. She is a tutor for the Institute of Financial Services, tutoring students across the globe.

Mr Timothy Paul Hiscock
Business adviser & writer-The Rillet
Int.Trade & Marketing specialist, writer & adviser working with SME's to encourage profitable int. trade. Regular writer to trade journals & education providers. Former manager of Stafford EIC & Int. Trade Director of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce
From what I can work out he is a serial ">commentator on the BBC’s Have your say section when they talk about Europe.

Mr Mark Horvath
Lawyer (& Pig Farmer)-Barker Gotelee Solicitors
Agricultural law & the application & implementation of the CAP at the EU & domestic level with particular reference to problems arising for farmers & landowners from the CAP & other relevant EU legislation. Competition & State Aid rules in AGR.& the agri-food industries.

Mr Mark Howdle
Supervisory Analyst-Merrill Lynch Europe Plc.
Experienced analyst and presenter on European financial markets. Former head of European equity strategy with Citigroup, JP Morgan and UBS, now involved with regulatory issues at Merrill Lynch. Numerous articles and interviews in international business media.
His writings display a glorious blindness when it comes to the success of the eurozone.
”Mark Howdle, European strategist at Salomon Smith Barney shares this optimism. “We are increasingly optimistic about the global prospects of continental Europe.” He adds that, “we expect a strong post-millennium period rally.””Investment International January 2000. Wonder how much money he lost?

Dr. Dennis Kennedy
Research Fellow-Institute of European Studies
Former European Commission Official. Special areas of interest: Political Union, Regional Development, General Community Developments. He is a member of the Cadogan Group, a democratic group in Northern Ireland.

Ms. Penny Krucker
European Development Officer-Gloucester County Council
Promotes European awareness throughout Gloucestershire schools. Looks at funding implications, generally to help prepare young people for the Single European Market.
Thinking European: the Challenge for Schools
This will be a brainstorming session about the vexed question of raising awareness of Europe within schools with a whistle stop tour of the European Union countries, touch on the importance of students' knowledge base and understanding of European and global issues and their role as Young Citizens of Europe.”

Prof. Juliet Lodge
Professor-Faculty of Law
Director of the Centre for European Studies; Professor of European Studies; Director of The European Group of Experts. European Woman of the Year in 1992. She wrote the book on the 2004 European Elections

Ms. Catherine Madden
Resource Centre Manager-Centre for European Studies - School of Politics and International Studies
Former Documentalist / Information Officer with the European Commission, currently involved with the Institute of European Studies at Queen's University.

Dr. James Magowan
Senior Consultant with LRDP (Local and Regional Development Planning), involved mainly in the field of local economic development, inter-regional cooperation and exchange of experience

Mr. Ian Mayfield
Chair of the UK EDCs Steering Group-University of Portsmouth

Mr. Brendan McFerran
Executive Director-CAM Benchmarking Ltd.
Providing a strategic benchmarking service to small firms focussed upon the client base of LEDU, IDB and Forbairt within Ireland Special areas of interest: General European Union developments, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mrs. Jane Morrice
Jane Morrice was head of the European Commission office in Northern Ireland from 1992 to 1997. A Journalist by profession, she worked for BBC in Belfast as a television/radio news reporter from 1987 to 1992. She was latterly a member of the Northern Ireland assembly for the Women’s Coalition. Very impressed with the way that Euro coins can be used in Ulster phoneboxes

Mr. David Mowat
Managing Director-IATROS Ltd
Specialist in water, fluids, blood and blood products sterilisation, environmental biological and health applications.

Mr. Gregg Myles
Author and Publisher of EU Brief (four figure subscribership in 30+ countries) - annually updated comprehensive guide to EU legislation and policies. Special area of interest: legal affairs.

Mrs. Joan Noble
Joan Noble Associates Ltd
A specialist consultant advising on the technicalities of EC agricultural and food legislation, the European Economic and Monetary Affairs, EC enlargement, a wide range of internal and external trade issues as well as environmental policy.

Dr. Andrew Robinson
Chairman-North East Group-The Academy for Chief Executive
European and International Adviser on education, training, and regional development. Chairman and Director of the French Business Council Ltd, Co-Chairman of the Academy for Chief Executives. Adviser and Consultant to UNESCO. French Honorary Consul.

Mr John Stuart Robinson
International Trade and Environmental consultant-"TEXA (International Trade) - Full Circle Environmental Management
John is an accredited international trade trainer for the British Chambers of Commerce and also sits on the Professional Qualifications and Examinations Board of the Institute of Export. He has wide experience of trade and market research for SME's in Europe and has worked under EU funding in an environmental consultancy role.

Ms. Elin Royles
Lecturer in Department of International Politics-University of Wales Aberystwyth
Main areas of expertise: Welsh Politics, evolution in the UK, Wales in a Regional Europe. European expertise: Wales in Europe, the EU + the Regions + MsC(Ecar) in the Politics of the European Union, implementation of Structural Funds.

Mr. Peter Sain Ley Berry
Consultant - EUROFI Ltd
Consultant in European and member state financial assistance to industry and educational institutions. His job is to finagle cash out of the cows that are the European institutions. He also writes for various groups like the Federal Trust, and is the editor of Europaworld, an odd looking outfit that operates on the fringes of the Welsh establishment and is attached to the Welsh Centre for international relations(WCEI), a tax-payer funded Tranzi organisation “a key point of contact in Wales for European institutions, the United Nations and the Commonwealth” headed by a former ambassador to Belgium. Strangely the Executive officer of the (WCEI) goes by the name Clare Sain ley Berry. Surely some relation?

Ms Mary Sharpe
Change Management Consultant-DIA-GNOSTICS
As a Scottish Advocate worked on variety of legal issues in Internal Market DG. She was a detached expert for the EU, and later worked on Media presentation for Edith Cresson when she was Commissioner. Her firm is a new age management consultancy with some pretty odd themes.

Mr. John Simpson
Economics and Business Consultant-
Economist / Writer, member and former Vice President of the Economic and Social committee of the EU. He lectured at Queens Belfast and writes business pieces for the Ulster press. special areas of interest: public procurement, regional policy, economic and social cohesion.

Dr. Constantin Stefanou
(Academic) Fellow at the IALS-University of London-Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Mr Stefanou has been teaching various courses on EU Politics, Policy ant Law for the last ten years at British Universities. He has written on the accession of Cyprus to the EU. He is currently in charge of EU funded Monnet programme.

Mr Stephen Vaughan Thomas
Director-Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA)
Mr Thomas worked in international humanitarian projects and their funding for 8 years. In his current role, he is responsible for the United Nations association in Wales. Plaid Cymru Candidate for Monmouth.

Mr. Ian Thomson
Information Consultant / Editor - ProQuest Information and Learning
Editor of a bulletin called European Access, EC Information Officer at the University of Wales, Information Consultant to the Wales EIC, Chairman of the European Information Association and member of the Welsh Consumer Council.

Professor Rebecca Wallace
Professor of Law-Aberdeen Business School - The Robert Gordon University
Reader in Law (European Community Law / Public International Law). Specialisations: external relations, education and training, culture, social dimension, telecommunications and information industries, immigration and refugee administration.

Mr. Alan Watkin
Chair, EPIC Steering Group-Wrexham County Borough Council
The public provision of public library and information services, leisure services, culture and heritage services. Chairman of the UK steering group of the European Public Information Centre network;

Mrs Alma Williams OBE
Writer and consultant for Consumers affairs-
Awarded OBE(2003) for services to EU. Member & expert to the European Economic & Social Committee(EESC). Publication: Resource materials on safety written for the EU Commission. Mrs Williams also wrote articles about the EU at a popular level for such magazines as the Consumer News, the WI magazine.

Dr Colin David Wimpory
Dr Colin Wimpory LLD FCIB FInstBA ILTM is an international consultant specialising in writing and editing training and educational materials, and distance-learning (DL) tuition and assessment, with a long list of DL publications to his credit. He is the Chairman of Team UK and is a"> distance healer, amongst his many talents.

Dr. Helen Xanthaki
Senior Fellow at the IALS - University of London-Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Mrs Xanthaki has been teaching various courses on EU Law in the last ten years at British Universities. She is working on the same Monnet programme as Constantin Stefanou. They appeared before the House of Lords to explain how wonderful EUROJUST was last year.

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