Thursday, March 17, 2005

Single European Curriculum Vitae

No I am not joking. I never joke. This is deadly serious.
There is a European harmonised C.V. This is of course justified by the need to transfer vocational and other skills across borders – currently “students, persons undergoing training, volunteers, teachers and trainers” are advised to hold one of these things while national governments are charged with making their “use widespread”. Sounds a bit like voluntary I.D. cards. So the question must be asked, how long before it becomes compulsory? (No Mr Leinen, I haven't said that it will become compulsory, you don't have to send the Euromyth attack Glaswegians after me).
You see, first you will have to have one to get a job at the institutions, then like public tender processes, anybody applying for a job in the public sector must use one. (Mustn’t discriminate against Turks or Italians buy referring to our own cultural norm national type CV – must be anodyne). Then when that great tranche of the public have them, companies who work with the public sector – such as PFI partners, or charities that receive cash. Even lottery grant awardees. You get the idea.

So dear readers can I suggest that you go here and create your fresh new European CV (Europass).
If you want to be a good citizen, can I suggest that you complete the form on the website. It saves on your desktop automatically, and better than that the EU then has all the details it will ever need about you.
Just a splendid little self surveillancer aren’t you?

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