Friday, March 04, 2005


As readers here will well know. The Church of Europe has set up its own team to defend doctrinal purity. Proudly calling themselves the "rapid rebuttal unit" they find it their job to oppose any inaccuracy in the press. That is anything that is critical in the press. So when something is truly inaccurate, at least legally so comes up they turn a blind eye. Today is no exception.
For example in the Polish paper Rzeczpospolita it is claimed that according to Bogdan KLICH (MEP PO [EPL-ED]), expert on the European integration. According to him Poland is too weak to be able to block the European treaty, even if Poles reject it in a referendum, it will not be renegotiated. However, if the French rejected the treaty, it would be different.

This is not true. It isn't true when Charles Grant says so,. It isn't true when the pro Europeans in every country from Germany to Denmark and Holland to Poland says so. It is fear-mongering and doom saying. Or in other words lies.
But of course pro-European lies are in the parlance "information".

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