Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Alsatian puppy coat

Just leaving my workplace this morning to meet a nice young Greek/Canadian Dane(?) when I found myself stuck in one of those spinning door things. Bizzarely in the other half was Rick Wakeman. All very odd. I later discovered that he was in Brussels to campaign against the use of dog and cat fur in clothing. From the press release I later saw, he was showing off, "some of the pelts and products that have been made from cat and dog skins including a full-length coat made from Alsatian puppy skins and a rug made from golden retriever fur". Gives an entirely new meaning to cat-walk. Heather McCartney is looking remarkably like Cruella De Ville don't you think.

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Swordsman said...

I am looking forward to Wakeman covering the "See My Vest" song from The Simpsons...