Tuesday, March 29, 2005

All hands to the Pumps

In an attempt to repel boarders, Commission press official David Monkcom has issued a plea for assistance on the European Commission's internal notice board, 'intracomm'.
Margot's blog: get involved!
Did you know that Vice-President Wallström is writing a twice-weekly "web log" (or "blog")? Please check it out on her page of Europa, and join in the very lively debates going on there!
Hundreds or even thousands of people visit this site every day, apparently, but so far most of the comments posted there are from anti-EU individuals, some of them legal experts or journalists. So far, very few of us pro-EU people seem to be willing to face the sceptics, reply to their arguments or answer their very probing questions.
So, dear colleagues, especially you economists and lawyers out there, please take a look at this "blog" and respond to our critics!
David Monkcom / DG PRESS (23/3/2005)

Whilst the presence of "legal experts or journalists" with "probing questions" must be very disturbing for him - and may I appplaud those who are in fact recognised as such, it is interesting to note what Mr Monkcom is paid to do.

It appears that he works in the internal communications subset of DG Press, because today he is flagging up a booklet that he has worked on, on behalf of the Commission.
The booklet "Tell the public what you're doing for them" will be released in the summer and will be comprised of the edited highlights from 80 Commission officials who responded to a call for volunteers. I understand that the photos of these fine men and women are to be taken soon and we will see exactly what it is that they do for us very soon.
Bravo David, keep spending our cash wisely, I am sure it will be a best seller.

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