Thursday, February 17, 2005

Vote Yes to stop America

An honest admission from France about the effects of passing the European Constitution.

Speaking on Radio France’s main morning news bulletin on Monday Noel Mamère, a leading French Green politician and Yes campaigner said,
“The good thing about the European Constitution is that with it the United Kingdom will not be able to support the United States in a future Iraq”.

This is one of the main selling points for the ‘Yes’ campaign in France and comes at a singularly worrying time. Rumours are reaching the UK that when President Bush speaks in London next week he will be speaking from a speech drawn up for him by the State Department and Downing Street. In it as a ‘thank you Tony’ gesture he will endorse Mr Blair’s pro-EU Constitution line.
This would be a dereliction of duty from a President who would find that the US’s leading international ally unable, in future, to support the US if it upset the French.

Way to go George

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Jon Barnard said...

Is that true, though, or just campaign rhetoric on the part of Ms. Mamere? If it is true, I would imagine it would kill the UK referendum stone dead if widely publicised.