Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm almost convinced

An email recived (Sic) on one of my watchlists (not that I watch it too closely given the date)

Hi, my name is Ana and yestarday my country said yes to EU Constitution. I think that is very important UK join to euro
because your actual money, pound, is so strong and you´ll experiment low prices like french and german people, for example. A lot of bussiness companies don´t go to UK for this reason, so you lose jobs oportunities.
I apologised for my bad english

This got the reply,

Hi Ana!

No need to apologise. We have people here in the UK, who we call Euro-Sceptics, who speak VERY good English, but they make no sense at all.

YOUR words make a LOT of sense. Good to see a 77% "Si!" vote.



Well OK not quite convinced


Richard said...

"An email recived on one of my watchlists..."

There are some Eurosceptics who write bad Englsih as well... ho hum - the curse of the typo!

Elaib said...

Baaah humbug

Serf said...

I have another suggestion. If we split the pound so that one pound becomes three New Pounds, then our currency will be cheaper than the Euro.

Just think of how many extra jobs we could create!