Friday, February 25, 2005

Britain to back the US if Iran gets Nukes.

And the US goes in to get rid of them.

Now there is a headline and a half. But it is one that has some basis in truth if the rumour mill has anything in it.

From what I have been told by somebody who heard the comments, there was a debate between Dan Hannan Tory MEP, Neil O'Brien Campaign Director of the Vote No campaign and Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform. The event was hosted by the Tory ginger group, Conservative Way Forward on February 17th in London. So it seems that Mr Grant was the one who gets top marks for bravery.
However as the debate and questions went on I understand that Mr Grant was heard to say, and I paraphrase badly that, in his role as a sometime European advisor to the Government he sometimes visits Number 10.
All quite believable.
I have been told that he then said that he had heard that if Iran continues to build its nuclear capacity, and the US feels that it is in America's interest then the UK will support the US action. No matter what the Europeans have to say, and despite our membership of the EU's Iran troika with Germany and France that is trying the Soft power method.

Also believable, but not what our partners on the Continent would like to here.

Though Dan Hannan was unable to confirm that this was said I have yet to have been able to contact Mr Grant or Mr O'Brien.
Interesting stuff though

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