Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Europe cancels massive publicity stunt.

Following the peals of contemptuous laughter that greeted the "Constitution in Space" concept last week when Enlargement Commissioner Gunter Verheugen handed a gold rimmed copy of the European Constitution to French cosmonaut and member of the European Astronaut Corps, Michel Tognini, plans to use the moon as a campaign device for the Constitutional referenda have been put on hold.

The secret plans that had been designed by Information Commissioner Wallstrom and Science and Research Commissioner Potočnik were cancelled at the last minute.
Mick Dowgiwitz a Commission spokesman said,
"We recognise that many people were laughing at us for the last stunt so we thought the better of this one, maybe just in the nick of time."
Geoff Meade of the Press Association was heard to comment, "I thought that I wrote the sketches for the European Press review, now it seems like the Commission even want to harmonise humour".

The idea was for some of the European geo-stationary satellites, from the Gallileo programme to project giant words on the moon. As each of the ten national referendum drew near the moon would act as host to a vast YES sign. The first was to be this week when a huge 'SI' would have been seen. This would have been followed with 'OUI' for the French Referendum and so on.

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